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public - created 10/29/03
Creating "Top Pix Lists" for nearly every subject we can think of...

The only rules are that if a list is going to be different than a "Top 5" that it say so upfront, i.e., Top 3... or Top 10..., etc.

Secondly, that there be no lists larger than "Top 10..."

And thirdly, that once a thread/list has been started, that the predefined number protocol be adhered to as much as possible!! (I had to amend this slightly cause I found I have the hardest time following the absolute version of the rule myself - though I DO try to narrow my choices in closing, make the best effort you can to do so and I think all will be fine in the world). (:

Okay-dokey, that's it, so have fun!! RSS Feed what is XML?

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