Top 5 Weird food combinations that you eat

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What are the 5 weirdest things that you eat together (ie: Peanut butter and banana sanwiches or pickles and ice cream..etc)?
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  • they are all so yummy...i have so many more, cause i guess i like to eat wierd things...

    1. i take all the bread out of the inside of the bun and fill the fun with mashed potatoes, then put on lots of pepper and eat it...

    2. i dip everything in mustard (carrotts, cucumbers, chips, frenchfries, apple slices, cheese...)

    3. when i eat licorice i cut it up into bite size pieces and leave it in a bowl until it is rock hard and then i eat it

    4. i only eat the bottom half of asparagus which i also diped in mustard

    5. i only eat the middle core part of a pineapple and i put salt and horseradish on it...
  • ~ miracle whip sandwiches (yes...just a slather of miracle whip between two slices of bread)
    ~ heinz 57 on my french fries
    ~ honey on bananas (though i've not had this in a while)
    ~ corn in tuna salad
    ~ i don't think this one is weird, but others have said they thought it was...i put honey on ham sandwiches instead of mustard or mayo...hey, they bake ham in honey, why not use it as a condiment?!
  • 1. The South Street Heart Attack (Buy a cheese steak at Jim's Steaks, walk up to Lorenzo's and buy two of those huge slices, wrap a slice around each half of the cheesteak, people can hear your arteries clog across the room)

    2) Doritos dipped in Marshmallow Fluff (Great when you don't know if you want a salty treat or a sweet treat)

    3) Apple slices & Peanut Butter

    4) Egg Noodles with Soy Sauce and Butter

    5) Gin and Soda stirred with a candy cane (My special drink for Christmas time)
  • Wow Trouble we have some really similar tastes! That is strange.

    Chips (sun chips are the preferred brand) dipped Cottage Cheese
    Cheddar cheese dipped in peanut butter (I have not tired it melted on bread, we have to looking in to that after my next 420)
    Hot and spicy Pork rinds drenched in Tabasco sauce served with an Ice cold beer (my favorite bar food, crazy hot!)
    Smoked Oysters & Spinach dip on a cracker
    Deep Fried Twinkies…the devil invented em, I am sure of it

    Honorable mention for Ruffles BBQ chips in Sour cream also very good, but the cottage cheese sun chips have taken over.

    Wow that was fun, I’m hungry now!
    • oh and A-1 steak sauce on my bagel and cream cheese...yes.
      • It took me a while to think of mine, and now that I have them, I noticed a few of you eat them too...

        1. Apples dipped in Peanut butter (I only like peanut butter with apples)
        2. Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream potato chips dipped in Cottage cheese.
        3. Wendy's Fries dipped in a Wendy's Frosty.
        4. I put Lemmon Pepper on everything.. Mac and Cheese, Sandwiches.. fries... everything.
        5. Avocado Sandwiches. I mash the avocados and put it on a piece of bread with nothing else (Like the Miracle Whip sandwich mentioned above).
  • 1. deli ham and lightly salted butter sandwiches
    2. creamed tuna over puff pastry shells
    3. potato chips & ketchup
    4. turkey sausage and maple syrup
    5. grilled 12 grain bread & peanut butter, chocolate, fresh berry sandwiches
    • -spicy farmer john's sausage dipped in mrs. butterworth's
      -ranch with a ketchup island in it, for dipping of fried foods
      -pork flavored top ramen, drained, with two slices of american cheese singles
      -pancake (eggos work in a pinch) sandwich with a sausage patty and a slice of cheese, either dipped in syrup or ketchup (depends on my mood)
      -popcorn with msg on it (yummmm!)
  • Unsu...
    5)Peanut butter and aged swiss on Nilla wafers
    4)Breakfast sandwiches consisting of 12 grain bread(toasted) 1 egg cooked slowly on low heat until the yolk has gelled, avocado slices, tomato slices, red onion slices. Spicy Sproats, 2 rashers of bacon, bread and butter pickles, toasted pecans in home made aoli and cajun coarse ground brown mustard
    3)Molson Golden and plain cake donuts(dunked)
    2) breaded and fried pickled tofu, roasted garlic cloves, beer batter onion rings, cucumbers and tomatoes, lettuce and wasabi vinegrette in a flat bread wrap.
    1) dried figs, apricots and cranberries, toasted pecans, roasted garlic, carmelized onions, Southern style ham made in a salad with fresh made hot chinese mustard mayo on a toasted onion roll or croissant.
    Did I mention I am a chef? There is much I haven't tried. I have been told these things are weird because of the combinations and amount of ingredients.
    Simple but weird to some
    5) Peanut butter and bacon sandwich
    4)Fluffer butter(half marsh mellow fluff half Peanut butter) and apple butter and sweet red onion sandwich
    3) Apple butter and onion on a buttermilk bisquit with savory sage patty sausage
    2) Habenero and pinapple sorbet with crystalized ginger and pernod
    1)Sardine, tomato and onion with mayo and hot sauce on pumpernickle bread
  • Top 5 things that are wierd that i like humm where to start on this.

    1. Chocolate Cake and Potato Salad
    2. Vegan hotdogs, with vegan cheese wrapped up in a tortila
    3. Vegan Sausages with Vegan Cheese Sauce
    4. friend peanut butter, banana and jelly sandwiches
    5. Vegan mack and cheese with veggie baked beans and vegan hotdogs

    (Go Vegans lol)
  • 1. Sugar in my scrambled eggs (not so strange in Japanese cuisine.)

    2. Cream cheese with EITHER lunchmeat or popcorn.

    3. Sugar in my popcorn.

    4. Peanut butter with everything: bananas, apples, cheeses, honey, raisins, fried chicken

    5. PB&J dipped in Campbell's vegetarian vegetable soup. Classic.

    Others worth mentioning are melon in my lo mein, and cinnamon on my cream cheese-stuffed celery. (For the record, cave-aged Gouda is EXCELLENT with Pink Lady apples.)

    When I was a kid, I used to eat these, and I'm sure I would now:

    1. Turkey gravy in mashed potatoes, deli-sliced turkey, and peas, in one big bowl.

    2. Orange juice with a shot of maraschino cherry syrup.

    3. Eggo waffles with butter and grapes.
    • The turkey, gravy, potato & peas bowl sounds great. How the hell to you get cream cheese on popcorn? I want to try that. I'm a total popcorn FREAK!!! : )
      • Hella good ones.

        1)Tortilla chips dipped in fruit-flavored yogurt, with chocolate chips in the yogurt. i have yet to ever see or hear of anyone doing this. its good
        because the salty & crunchy dipped in sweet and soft.
        2)taquitos dipped in yogurt (like fruit flavored yoplat or something)
        3)ketchup on eggs, but i guess thats sort of normal.
        4)top ramen strained so its like flavored spaghetti
        5)ketchup on ham and turkey sandwiches
        6)tuna sandwich fixings on a hamburger bun
        • Mix hamburger in a can of Chunky sirloin burger soup. Put some grated cheese on top.

          Mix refried beans and hamburger and put in Chunky chicken corn chowder soup. 1/2 - 1 cup. Sounds weird. It's actually really good. And yes I did discover this last week whilst under a severe munchies attack after several hits off the pipe. : )
          • Unsu...
            <<And yes I did discover this last week whilst under a severe munchies attack after several hits off the pipe>>

            explains everything...; P

            i had a friend Whitley, a 6' 5'' drag queen from Louisiana who looked like Belinda Carlisle, she would brown ground sirloin and chuck in a skillet, add jalapenos, sour cream, salsa serve it over a bed of Fritos! believe it or wasn't bad. or whatever we smoked was good. didn't like smoking much and don't anymore...makes me paranoid and sleepy.
            • It gives me anxiety till after the peek. But I take it to help me sleep because my ticking valve makes it hard for me to sleep. I have been getting only 3 - 5 hours a night for years. Now I have been getting 5 - 7. Much better. So it actually works for me as medicine. I love Fritos. Dont eat them too often cuz they are full of sodium. But I still allow myself some fun food. I call the Frito thing Chilie Pie. Just put chilie and cheese on top. Simple. Easy. Scrumdillyumptious. Mmm. Me so hungry. Me eat food long time.
  • Kya
    offline 0
    1) Waffles and any kind of cheese... cream cheese, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, cottage... you get the idea

    2) Fries in mayo or sweet and sour sauce

    3) if you ever need a good sugar rush -> reese's peanut butter cup topped with a peppermint patty. DELISH

    4) american singles melted onto plain potato chips

    5) I like to cut the cheese part out of ravioli and fill it up with peas then eat it like that and eat the cheese part separate with tomato sauce

  • 1. Cheddar and sour cream RUFFLED Lays chips dipped in vanilla ice cream (even more delicious if it is Ben & Jerrys and has a bunch of different stuff in it)
    2. Pretzels dipped in spicy mustard
    3. Pumpernickel bagel with spicy mustard and swiss cheese melted on top
    4. a ritz cracker with peanut butter, bread and butter pickle, and vidalia onion on top!
    5. Pickled watermelon rind... it's not really a combo, but it is pretty weird. It sounds gross, but is DELICIOUS. Most people who didn't grow up with it are haters, but give it a chance! Pick some up from the store today!
  • I like to mix tuna with mayonnaise and dip flaming hot chetos into it.. it is good!

    Break a couple of twix bars in little pieces and mix into buttery or kettle popcorn.

    Get a cup of crushed ice and pour lemon lime salt all over..great if you love sour stuff.
    ..or get a bag of hot cheetos and pour valentina hot sauce in the bag along with lemon lime salt!

    Mix Spanish rice with ranch and hot sauce.

    These are all very good!

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